Investigation Overview


  • A thorough pre-investigation interview will be conducted either by phone or in person. Some questions may be of a personal nature. These questions provide necessary information to give us the best opportunity to provide the answers you seek but only when your answers are complete and honest. All answers will be treated in strictest confidence and will not be shared except as outlined later in this document. Questions asked of those under the age of legal consent will consist only of their experiences.

  • You will be asked what your goal is or what you expect from the investigation. The team will be forthright in their analysis of your expectations and their abilities to meet them. Remember that we are investigating an unknown phenomena. Successful intervention or elimination of paranormal activity has been documented however there are no guarantees. We will do everything in our ability to satisfy your goals using legitimate and proven methods including providing a referral, if possible, to assist in meeting your goals. 

  • A thorough review of our investigation techniques and procedures will be completed including a narrative of what to expect during the investigation. This review will include revealing the use of any psychics, sensitives, empaths or animals and will include a general overview of the equipment being used and it’s purpose. 

  • Make any exceptions to access or special instructions known to the team at this time. Keep in mind complete access is typically necessary to properly conduct the investigation. 

  • The Founder, Client Liaison or person(s) conducting the pre investigation interview will review your case with the team and will contact you for a time and date to complete the investigation if it is to be conducted at a later date. There may be a need to ask additional questions that were raised in the team meeting at this time.

  • Please immediately notify your designated team contact should any new or elevated activity be observed.  

  • All primary participants of the pre investigation interview, whether it be in person, via telecon or computer interface, must be of legal age in the state where the investigation is to be conducted or where this interview is conducted if in a different state. You must affirm this. Anyone under the legal age of consent may participate only when accompanied and supervised by their legal custodial or primary guardian. 

  • It is advisable to have only the principal clients and those who have experienced the activity present during the investigation. Please do not invite additional people who were not identified in the pre investigation interview. Be prepared to politely explain to anyone who might happen to just show up what is going on and ask them to return at another time. Too many people can create a gridlock environment, possibly contaminate data and degrade the effectiveness of the investigation. Should you identify someone who should be there but was not included in the original list please contact the team to insure the investigation area is not being overpopulated. 


 We BELIEVE YOUR reports of activity! These reports will be treated seriously and will be investigated objectively. We will pursue all possible causes including paranormal and normal to explain the activity you are experiencing. 
 You may cancel the investigation at anytime. Please note that we have put in a lot of time and effort as well as money for gas, batteries and other consumables to help you so once the investigation has been scheduled, canceling it without exceptional cause is not helpful. 
You are invited to remain on the property and to take part in the investigation if you so desire.Notes:  

  • If you elect to participate in the investigation please allow the investigators the freedom to investigate unencumbered and always follow their instructions. 

  • Asking questions is OK however please remember that an investigation is in progress so please try to limit questions to the actual case. We will not answer questions regarding medical or psychological causes. If we suspect a medical, psychological or parapsychological cause we may recommend the appropriate professional.

  • Always tell the investigator if you have a personal experience or you observe, feel or smell something unusual during the investigation.

  • No one under the age of consent in the state where the investigation is conducted will be allowed to participate in the investigation without legal custodial guardian consent and supervision at all times. No exceptions to this can be made.

The investigation team may find it necessary to discontinue the investigation due to:

  • distractions/interference that may cause us to not properly conduct said investigation by members or any person(s) in the household.  

  • unscheduled or uninvited guests or family members that over crowd and make an investigation not feasible. (See note 8 of the Pre Investigation section) 

  • weather related events causing loss of power, interference of equipment or deteriorating weather conditions that might make travel hazardous.

  • safety related issues.

Note: An investigation may be rescheduled at a later date if the problem can be resolved and is agreed upon by all parties. 

  • Investigators will not roam the property or grounds alone. All investigators must be accompanied by at least one other team member.  We ask that if you or other family members elect to stay that they always be with an investigator as well.

  • Investigators will not use adult beverages or illegal drugs the day of or during the investigation. We ask the same from our clients. 

  • Investigators will not use foul language. We ask the same of our clients.

  • We ask that no smoking be allowed in enclosed areas of the investigation and investigators who may smoke will not leave smoking residue on the premises anywhere. Additionally no smoking is allowed outside the enclosed areas at any time an area is under active investigation. 

  • Investigators will wear appropriate attire fit for the type investigation and weather but never cutoffs, sleeveless shirts, tube tops, tank tops or other such inappropriate casual attire. Requests that investigators not wear shirts, jackets or have vehicle logos displayed to assure confidentiality will be honored.

  • There is never a charge for our services. Donations are accepted and appreciated to defray investigation expenses such as batteries, fuel, equipment, etc. but no investigator may ask for or expect donations or payment.

  • We usually bring our own, however snacks and drinks are appreciated but not required.

  • It is important not to alter your normal routine before the teams arrival. Anything done out of the ordinary is not helpful and might in fact inhibit any activity. If possible refrain from spraying scented room deodorizers unless that is a normal part of your daily routine as we do use scent detection as part of our investigation.  

  • Your confidentiality is important to us. All conversations or information obtained during any phase of the investigation are confidential and may not be reproduced or discussed without written consent of the investigation site owner(s). This includes data such as audio, video or photographic data. We may find the need to elicit advice on data or information from another experienced investigator(s) however names and locations of the investigation will always remain confidential and will not be released unless prior authorization has been received from you.

  • We will leave the property clean of trash and debris. Please do the same as we are typically investigating in the dark. All tripping hazards or changes in elevation or steps should be removed or pointed out. 

  • We will be respectful of property and all occupants of the property including all no trespass or no sit areas. We ask the respect be returned for all investigators and their property/equipment. 

  • All investigators are all trusted members of our team who have conducted many investigations without any problems. Still it is recommended that all valuables be kept in a safe place. All investigators must and will be accompanied by another investigator at all times to prevent any misunderstandings and for the investigator’s safety!

  • All firearms must be unloaded and removed or locked away during the investigation.

  • We love pets but they do not mix well with an investigation. Please provide a safe location for them where they can not interact with our equipment or investigators. note: There may be times when pets could be a valuable tool to the investigation so please inform the investigators if you have noticed your pets reacting to or predicting activity.  

  • We will be respectful of your religious preference and will not violate them in any of our investigation procedures without your prior approval. 

  • We will reveal all team members religious preference, belief or practice if asked by the client(s).  

  • Team members will exclude themselves from the investigation when asked by the client(s) for any reason including a difference in beliefs, philosophy or practice. Keep in mind that each team member is valuable and excluding any might jeopardize the success of the investigation or even require that we decline the investigation due to vital members of our team being excluded.    

  • We will perform no occult rituals or practices in the home and ask that you do the same and inform us if any have been performed in the past. This is not only vital to a successful investigation it is for our safety. 

  • Investigators will not use taunting or provoking techniques during the investigation. 

  • No investigator shall judge any client due to ethnicity, creed, personal beliefs, background, sexual orientation or living conditions.


Upon completion of the investigation the team will isolate themselves offsite and review the data. This review might necessitate a return visit or even additional investigations to confirm some findings. A time to reveal the data with you will be scheduled upon final completion of the data analysis . All data will be reviewed with you including visual, audio, electronic and personal experiences as well as general feelings of any presence by the team during the investigation. The team might have questions such as, “Can you explain any of the data” or,  “Have you heard or have you see this before?” Please answer honestly.
At this time you will have all questions answered as to what is going on in your home to the best of the investigator’s ability.
You may request a follow up investigation. Many times more than one investigation will be necessary to provide adequate knowledge as to what is going on and you are within your rights to ask for a follow up investigation or to request a follow up investigation by another independent team to compare or validate findings (second opinion). 
You are entitled to receive copies of any or all data relevant to this investigation that is presented at the post investigation review. The team Founder only may authorize use of the teams name in relation to any transmission or posting of this data by the client(s) as it remains the property of Nightside Paranormal Investigations Inc.