Application to Join Nightside Paranormal

Application to Join Nightside Paranormal Investigations

If you have an interest in joining our team, feel free to submit your application for consideration.

There is no requirement for experience, equipment or advanced knowledge of the paranormal. Nightside Paranormal Investigations membership acceptance is primarily based on personality and level of commitment.  Nightside is looking for dedicated individuals with certain personalities that are willing to not only investigate the paranormal, but also belong to our “Family”.  We are not an outlet for people to investigate the paranormal to experience the thrill of a “ghost hunt”.  

If your truly interested in learning the ways to investigate the paranormal with an experienced team, feel free to apply.  

We still have openings for the following position(s) on our team:

Alabama: We are looking to fill all positions in this branch.

  • Investigator / Investigator In Training – Reliable transportation and a valid driver’s license required.  Must have availability on Friday and/or Saturday evenings.
  • Client Care Representative – The main link between the team and our clients.  Performs preliminary interviews and coordinates investigation times and dates.  Organization, customer service skills, and writing skills are imperative.
  • Researcher / Historian – Conducts research on investigation locations and seeks out new historical locations to investigate.
  • Psychic / Medium – Must exhibit proven skills in mediumship.  Healing, cleansing, and remote viewing skills are encouraged.

Florida Investigator / Investigator In Training

At this time we are seeking individuals with availability on Friday and Saturday evenings to perform investigations in the states of Florida and Alabama.  A valid driver’s license and reliable form of transportation are required.

  • Travels to investigation locations, collects data, and participates in paranormal investigations.
  • Communicates directly with the Lead Investigator to complete evidence review, relay evidence collected, and turn in a report for each investigation.
  • Maintains confidentiality regarding clients cases and may only discuss specifics relating the the case and evidence with other members of Nightside Paranormal Investigations, Inc.

Bilingual Translator / Investigator / Client Liaison

Communicates with our clients that primarily speak another language.  Spanish preferred. 

  • Must be able to understand and communicate accurately with our non English or limited English speaking clients.

  • Can accurately translate verbally and in written form communication between client and certain team members.

Historical Researcher

Plans, organizes, and conducts research concerning client location in areas of scientific, cultural, and historical significance for use in paranormal investigations. Research will involve documentation of physical attributes of location and significant events or deaths that have occurred at the client location. Conducts research on client locations and provides parallel perspective between research and collected evidence. Prepares reports of research material for presentation to client and for use by the team. Performs any duties necessary as assigned by management. 

  • Conducts research on client location specifically reporting detail about location topography, history and focusing on any significant events or deaths that have occurred. 

  • Provides report of findings to be presented to the client and management team.

  • Must show commitment to the team. 

Please Note: Provide all information requested within the form for consideration, if the application is incomplete, it will be removed from our system.
Submitting an application does not guarantee a position with Nightside Paranormal Investigations.  Do not submit more than one name on an application, submit more than one application, e-mail us numerous times, or contact us on Facebook asking for the status of your application.  If we wish to interview you, we will contact you.  

This is not an application for employment.  Team members are volunteers and are not paid for their time, assume all risks relating to their personal health, property and the property of other team members and clients, and are not subject to any protections provided by Florida or Alabama labor laws.