Observations from a Client

I am honored to have been asked to repost this here. Its just a something I thought about after speaking with Scott last night. When you have truly been haunted and lived in fear of your own soul being lost to what ever it is in your home making your life hell you want people like Nightside Paranormal there for you.

What I have learned about paranormal investigation teams…

You have scrupulous and unscrupulous investigators. There are those that want to truly help a person or family. Then there are those just out for the mighty dollar. Those that respect their field and those that make a joke of it. The ones that have a true desire to help will tell you that they don’t have all the answers. They learn on the job and through trial and error of their own and others in the same field. Nothing is a sure thing… If they say they know every aspect of this field they are lying to you and themselves. THE WHOLE POINT OF AN INVESTIGATION is to LEARN and TRY to find proof! No one person has all the answers.

DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE ON TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why they say don’t try this at home? These people are no different than you and I other then they are taking a BIG risk. They are taking their lives into their hands when doing this type of work. Even though they take precautions to protect themselves they are still taking a chance of bringing the energy of the place or a negative entity/spirit home with them. What I have learned is that by them doing EVP’s and communicating with spirits in various forms is no different than using a spirit board (which is highly regarded as a clear invitation for trouble).

So my hats off to the investigators out there that have a true desire to help others and are not looking to see what they can get out of it for themselves. For putting themselves at risk to help others!

Nightside Paranormal are one of the few that truly care!


(Client name removed)

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