Para-Unity or “Why can’t we all just get along?”

Para-Unity is the new buzzword of the paranormal field, but what exactly IS the paranormal field, does it exist, if so then who is in it and are they all in it for the same reasons?

That is where Para-Unity has to begin. The way I see it is that there are four distinct branches of the paranormal field;

The Paranormal TV Shows. Ghost Hunters began the modern concept of a serious paranormal research field and did serve it’s purpose I suppose in bringing the belief of the paranormal into the mainstream consciousness. It was a good thought but has been bastardized by the industry that created it. As with most Reality TV, it became too scripted. Youtube is full of confessions by past disgruntled GH members accusing SyFy of scripting and even faking evidence in order to improve ratings. Then there is GHI, Ghost Collector, Fact or Faked, Paranormal Files, Ghost Cops and the list goes on and on. Oh I can’t forget my personal favorite (NOT), Ghost Adventures with the almighty Zak “see my muscles” Bagans and his “OMG Dude!” crew. That show is what is the worst in this branch of the paranormal, running around provoking everything in sight (or not in sight) creating a whole other branch of the paranormal which is…

The “Paranormal Celebrity Wannabe’s” as I call them. These are the people that start all sorts of groups that mimic the likes of Zak et al. Wearing their Goth shirts, sporting angry folded arm looks into the camera. Creating their own Internet TV shows thinking they are going to be discovered as the next big thing in paranormal TV. You’ve got as much of a chance doing that as I have getting a recording contract because I sing karaoke (I am pretty good though).

Then there is the next branch that is a cousin of the Wannabe TV star branch. The “Get Rich off the Paranormal” branch. These are the ones that sell tickets to ghost tours, or do public ghost hunts (bring the kiddies), or the worst is the teams that actually charge clients for doing in house investigations. They share the same things as branch #2 in that they usually don’t utilize scientific methodology in their investigations, they are in fact trying to prove the existence of Ghosts not find the real truth of a case. This group is usually the reason for another buzzword in the field “Para-Drama”. They spread hate of other teams and lie, or become jealous, or overly protective of the region that they have laid claim to, and heaven forbid you should argue that their picture of an orb is just dust, that will get you blocked and deleted altogether.

Then there is the serious researchers or investigators that are in it for primarily two reasons. For their own personal proof in the paranormal and to aid the general public in understanding the paranormal or resolve their fearful situations. They don’t charge for their services and usually spend a great deal of their own money in the pursuit of their goals. This branch actually does believe in cooperation with other teams that share their values and performs investigations trying to first explain or debunk the activity before jumping to the paranormal conclusion. They work together sharing ideas, passing on clients if they cannot help them, asking other teams for help when needed. This is the group I, no my team, chooses to be a member of. A prime example of this cooperation can be found at United Paranormal International, which we are members of.

So now that I have pissed off three quarters of the Paranormal Field, let’s talk a little more about this so called Para-Unity.

Para-Unity cannot exist within the first three categories that I have laid out, it goes against their nature to cooperate and the fourth group wants nothing to do with the first three.

So while Para-Unity cannot work in the entire field overall it can, and does work in the one group that inspires such cooperation, the true Professional (not as in getting paid, but as in integrity and mannerism) Investigators or Researchers.

This group of, dare I say it again, “Professionals” needs to work together and help to weed out the industry of the charlatans, frauds and glory hounds that infest the field. We can self-police our unity and exclude those of that ilk.

This field that I am fond of needs, to be respected before it can be believed. We need to concentrate of the true scientific study of the paranormal with true co-operation and sharing and turn our backs on the vermin that will destroy any credibility they may have if they continue on their paths of mutual destruction.

OK, I feel much better now that I’ve gotten that off my chest. Now to go and check my facebook and twitter accounts to see if I have any friends or followers left.

Until next time….

Scott Blight


Nightside Paranormal Investigations

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Nightside Paranormal Investigations or it’s members.

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